Eyes-free, ears-free, hands-free navigation… that you feel

Finding your way can be downright stressful. And looking at screens or listening to directions isn’t always ideal.

We have a different feeling about navigation. How about if you literally felt your way as you traveled?

We’re building our first product—a smart band to extend your sense of direction. Worn around the neck our band guides you with pulses of vibration. Because the band knows where you’re looking, those pulses are always situated towards the real world around you.


You become the compass

Use the accompanying smartphone app to plan a route and then feel your path, even missed turns. Your phone and the band cooperate wirelessly.

The experience of the band is less like reading a map and more like following a tap on your shoulder. Beyond only navigation the band can communicate a variety of visceral data, and the form factor allows for monitoring heart rate, breathing, and more.

We are developing the technology now. We’re working with cyclists, runners, sailors, and the sight-impaired to get it right as well as exploring indoor information experiences.

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