We’re new, and we’re small. But we’re working on something big.

The root word Soma means “of the body.” Some philosophers use the word to speak of the experience of our “mind-body.”

We’re thinking about technology as an extension of the human senses and through this engaging the world in powerful but intuitive new ways.

Beyond hardware and software there is Somaware.

Mike Karlesky



I’m a Ph.D. candidate in computer science at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. My area is Human Computer Interaction. Before grad school and Somaware I was an engineer for a dozen years. I’ve worked for myself, at a couple startups, and as a vice president of a successful contract software firm. I once led a team that built a small hydraulic backhoe operated by a Nintendo Power Glove.

Xiaochang Li


I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the department Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU, working on the social, cultural, and historical uses of technology. I also have a masters in Comparative Media Studies from MIT, where I organized the Future of Entertainment conference. In my non-academic life, I’ve previously worked as a digital brand and communications strategist. I continue to consult and do speaking events on occasion, mostly to see if I can make ludicrous terms like “data necromancy” catch on.